Walter Glasshouse

Walter has been a long-standing club DJ and has also produced many events in and around Metro-Detroit. He currently runs a monthly series at The Grasshopper Underground, and plays regularly at many Detroit spots. He has spent his life in Michigan, dedicated to improving the platform for which artists have to display their music. Whether deep, funky, or jazzy, he brings music with soul. He has even been known to drop a trip-hop set from time to time. Mr. Glasshouse brings quality grooves spun with a turntablist-style precision. His influences range from Stacey Pullen to Los Hermanos, and he even infuses his love for hip hop DJ's such as Q-bert and Red Alert into his one-of-a kind performances. He wishes to affect every crowd in a different way, letting the communal and soulful vibes of each carefully selected track bring individuals together on the dancefloor. Walter has produced shows with many notable artists such as: Delano Smith, Todd Osborn, Jared Wilson, Tadd Mullinix (JTC, Dabrye), Mike 'Agent X' Clark, BMG, Erika, Stacey Hottwaxx Hale, Malik Alston, Norm Talley, Bruce Bailey, Los Hermanos, and many more.