Honest expression through spoken word. AudioLogical is an artist from Metro-Detroit. He began his love of music at the young age of 13 working in nightclubs as a DJ before he could even see over the booth. He spent much of his adolesecence sneaking into local nightclubs to get a chance to hone his craft. At this time he also began to write poetry, and it seemed to offer him a mode of expression that was much needed in his not-so-ordinary life. He grew up in a less fortunate part of a very nice area in Metro-Detroit, and his parents had struggled to provide him the meager life they did. The freedom he was given made his life even more strange, and it allowed him to experience a great deal of the music industry before he even was able to drive. Once Audio met music producers B. Aware and Chris Macom in 2001, things got more serious. Simple poems turned to full fleshed-out songs, and that was beginning of the artist we know as AudioLogical.  Now with a solo release under his belt (The Tragedy EP), AudioLogical is poised for a rigorous schedule of creating new music and sharing his heart with the world.