Honest expression through spoken word. AudioLogical is an artist from Metro-Detroit. He began his love of music at the young age of 13 working in nightclubs as a DJ before he could even see over the booth. He spent much of his adolesecence sneaking into local nightclubs to get a chance to hone his craft.  more »
A founding member and a driving force behind Lost Science, B.Aware is best known as producer for the rapper AudioLogical. He believes that music is a powerful force that can be used to spread knowledge, wisdom, and understanding throughout the world. Detroit and the "never-die" spirit of its people constantly shape and inspire his music and artwork.  more »
Chris Macom is a unique individual with a big vision. Growing up in the northern suburbs of Detroit, Chris witnessed much suffering caused by the collapse of the auto industry. The decaying buildings in the cities of Pontiac, Flint, and Detroit represent to him what American culture used to be. While simultaneously seeing other suburban cities striving and growing, Chris knew at a young age that something was wrong.  more »
Walter has been a long-standing club DJ and has also produced many events in and around Metro-Detroit. He currently runs a monthly series at The Grasshopper Underground, and plays regularly at many Detroit spots. He has spent his life in Michigan, dedicated to improving the platform for which artists have to display their music.  more »