A founding member and a driving force behind Lost Science, B.Aware is best known as producer for the rapper AudioLogical. He believes that music is a powerful force that can be used to spread knowledge, wisdom, and understanding throughout the world. Detroit and the "never-die" spirit of its people constantly shape and inspire his music and artwork. He was raised in a multi-cultural family on a diverse musical diet from Motown to Mozart, Persian pop to Detroit rock. While a teenager, his budding passion for music drew him to the Detroit electronic music underground and he fell in love with the sound. In the late 1990s, as large parts of this local scene collapsed, his own music production began to take shape creating self-released albums under the moniker Tempted. The following years were spent honing his skills and laying the groundwork for an organization that could produce a steady stream of innovative, meaningful art. Today, as part of Lost Science, B.Aware floats between the jobs of recording engineer, graphic designer, music producer, singer/songwriter, programmer, and business strategist. Catch him doing production, songwriting, and laying vocals on AudioLogical's forthcoming releases.